Does Oasis provide free estimates for new installations?

Oasis provides free estimates to individuals installing a new system. In addition, we offer free estimates will to anyone requesting to add one or more zones to an existing system.

How do I get a separate water meter installed for the irrigation system and why would I want one?

For every dollar that you spend on water, you get charged equally for the sewer, so a separate water meter will save you money (in the Atlanta area) on the cost associated with sewage bills. . Contact your local water company for pricing and installation dates or visit the company online. The new meter placement should be located near your irrigation tie-in.

Do you offer maintenance agreements?

We offer a yearly maintenance agreement, which includes: spring startup, winterization, and one additional service call during the agreement period. Please contact us for a price quote on your system.

What is the warranty period on parts and installation?

Please note: All warranties are non-transferable
Irrigation (Residential) – 1,3 & 5 years
Irrigation (Commercial) – 1 year
Pumps (Residential) – 1 year
Pumps (Commercial) – 1 year
Landscaping – 6 months to 1 year
Lighting – 1 year

What is not covered under your warranty?

Acts of God, power surges, damage caused by other companies, vandalism, landscaping damage, or parts that are hit by a vehicle. We cover manufacturer and installation-related defects only.

Why do I have to “winterize” my irrigation system?

For preventative maintenance and in order to prevent pipe or parts damage due to freezing temperatures, we recommend that you winterize your irrigation system. This consists of draining the water out of the pipes and turning the system off until spring. A startup service is needed before turning the system back on next Spring.