Irrigation Systems Installation

level 2 drought alert     Since starting our business in 1989 as Oasis Irrigation Systems, Inc, we’ve expanded from a small irrigation company focusing on residential installation and maintenance to a leading provider of commercial and residential irrigation services in the southeast. Oasis is dedicated to the conservation of water. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service by using the most advanced technology to create irrigation packages that conserve substantial amounts of water, thus providing savings for our customers.

Benefits of Our Irrigation Services

  • Free detailed job estimates with full explanation of installation design
  • Designs by qualified industry professionals with detailed drawings showing all valve and head locations
  • Trench-less installs using state-of-the-art vibratory plows to minimize lawn damage
  • Complete job site clean-up on the day of installation
  • Comprehensive custom watering guide for your specific installation
  • Written system warranty plus detailed factory instructions for each installed component
  • Contract maintenance programs for winterization and spring start-up
  • Three different installation packages: Classic, Gold and Platinum offering different warranties and water saving options
Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation is a form of irrigation that tailors the precise amount of water you want delivered to a specific plant. You can also deliver the water directly to the plant’s root system at a slow, steady pace that avoids runoff waste and the root rot caused by overwatering. Tiny amounts of water are delivered only where needed, resulting in cost savings, water conservation, and optimum plant growth. As a further benefit, the drip system can also deliver fertilizer to the plants’ roots as it waters them. Once installed, you can control the system either manually or with a timer. The pipes do not be buried or entrenched, and the only tools required are a pipe cutter or shears, and a hole-punch for installing the emitter devices. Drip systems can work for backyard gardens, raised beds, or even large acres of land.
Other benefits of drip irrigation
In addition to water and cost savings and a simplified fertilizer delivery system, drip irrigation systems provide other benefits as well. Low flow rates mean more plants can be watered simultaneously. Weed growth is discouraged because surrounding areas are not watered. The slow drip rate prevents puddling, run-off and water evaporation. Constant soil moisture lessens plant stress caused by variable conditions, and results in more rapid plant growth. There is no need to carry around heavy hoses and drippy sprinklers. All in all, drip irrigation is a convenient and economical method of water delivery for your planter bed, garden or farm. Contact Oasis today for a free consultation to learn about the installation and maintenance of both regular and drip irrigation systems.
Micro Irrigation Systems
We recommend installing a micro irrigation (drip irrigation) system for your plants so you are ready for the next drought headed our way. Micro irrigation systems are incredibly efficient – achieving as much as 70 percent efficiency – so municipalities often allow their use when they have restricted other watering systems. Homeowners who invest in a low-volume micro irrigation system are essentially making an investment in the plants and trees on their property – often worth thousands of dollars – and they are able to do this without adding significantly to their water bill or over burdening municipal water systems. Often used in commercial gardens and on farms, micro irrigation systems are simple systems composed of perforated hoses and couplings. Installation is simple enough for the DIYer, and as micro irrigation has grown in popularity, prices of these kits have decreased as well. In a typical system, one or more flexible, perforated hoses are laid lengthwise in a flower or plant bed. One big plus of these kind of systems is their flexibility for use in a variety of landscape layouts, for example, narrow gardens that are notoriously difficult to water. When the system is in use, beads of water leach into the soil from the tiny holes in the hoses. The hoses are left in place during the growing season, camouflaged by mulch. The systems can also include a mixing tank to hold and slowly apply liquid fertilizer. Watering plants at ground level means less water is lost to evaporation, saving money and water. Plants also improve with micro irrigation, because this method reduces the spread of water-borne pests. And because only the plants’ roots receive moisture, it reduces the incidence of fungal diseases that develop on wet foliage. The slow leach of water also encourages the growth of deeper plant roots, which are stronger than shallow roots. There is an old saying, “Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” A micro irrigation system is actually one thing you can do about the weather, so that when the next drought hits, your landscape will be ready.