Landscape Design

Landscape design is a balance between visual appeal and functionality. A professionally designed landscape not only creates a natural space for you to enjoy, but it also enhances the curbside appeal and increases property resale value as much as 15%.

At Oasis, your vision is our creation. From garden pathways to perfectly situated patios, Oasis can give you the yard you’ve been missing. We combine your vision with the natural context of your environment and present you with an outdoor living space that fits your needs and your budget.

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Landscape Designs that Will Give Your Yard the “Wow Factor”

We build yards you will want to experience. Our talented team of Atlanta landscape designers and horticulturalists are ready to meet with you to discuss the design elements that will truly add luxury to your landscape.

Design Elements to Enhance Your Atlanta Landscape:

Landscape Design to Enhance Your Lifestyle
Yes, residential landscaping is designed to be aesthetically appealing, but it also serves as an inviting setting for relaxing, offers an enticing entertainment space, reduces water usage, protects the environment, and lowers the energy costs of heating and cooling your house.
Get Specific With your Atlanta Landscape Needs

  • Are there particular views you want to block or retain in your backyard?
  • Are there specific problems you would like addressed, such as a steep slope you’d like minimized or an overgrown area on your property that needs some thinning out?
  • Would you like to create an area for a vegetable garden, dog run, children’s playground area or picnic area?
  • Do you want relatively maintenance-free foliage or do you enjoy doing landscape maintenance?
  • Do you prefer certain types or colors of flowers and shrubs?

Our residential landscaping architects will address all of your concerns and desires with you. During your at-home consultation, we will review your budget, do a thorough walk-through of your property, and conduct a complete site analysis.

Design, Build, and Maintain your Yard With Oasis

Our expertise goes beyond design. We build landscapes with a maintenance plan front-of-mind and will consider all the opportunities and limitations of your property. We factor in your family’s lifestyle, sun and wind exposure on your property, existing trees and shrubs, soil conditions, space limitations, water drainage, slope of the land, agricultural pests and diseases in your area, and any community or subdivision restrictions.