Outdoor Kitchens

Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation can design and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Starting around $7,500 and up, the extent of your outdoor kitchen is limited only by your creativity and budget. Cabinets, bars, grills, sinks and refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes that work together in any configuration, so you have flexibility and options when designing your ideal outdoor cooking space. To fully personalize your outdoor kitchen, it can be finished with stone, tile, granite or other materials that complement your existing landscape.


Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens

Some of the best reasons for having an outdoor kitchen are:

  • It is a great place for entertaining and social gathering.
  • Cooking outdoors in the summer can keep your air conditioning bill down.
  • Cleanup is easy.
  • Outdoor kitchens add to the real estate value of your house.
  • You expand your living space.
Designing Your Own Custom Outdoor Kitchen
Custom outdoor kitchens have become very popular for homeowners from all walks of life. Whether you are feeding your family, entertaining friends or coworkers, or creating a simple dinner for two, custom outdoor kitchens provide the perfect blend of efficiency and ambiance. Well-designed custom outdoor kitchens combine the ease of outdoor grilling with comfortable outdoor seating to showcase your landscaping or breathtaking backyard view. Many custom outdoor kitchens have features such as shading, rain shelters, and even outdoor fireplaces to keep you and your family comfortable year-round.

When designing your custom outdoor kitchen, here are some helpful ideas to keep in mind:

Use Good Design Principles.
Incorporating well-organized design ideas into your custom outdoor kitchen will ensure you have the right amount of space for all of your cooking, refrigeration and workspace needs. You will be able to take care of all of your cooking and prep work outside, without having to go back and forth between the house and patio.
Choose Quality Materials.
While granite countertops and copper fixtures look beautiful in indoor kitchens, they are generally not the best materials for outdoor kitchens. Other options like manufactured stone and stainless steel are highly resistant to grease stains and outdoor weathering, and are ideal for custom outdoor kitchens.
Make Sure You Have Access to Utilities.
Nothing could be worse than starting construction of a custom outdoor kitchen, only to discover you do not have access to an electrical line or water pipe. Make sure you put your outdoor appliances in proximity to these utilities, before the work is begun, to save yourself the headache of needing to redesign your plan.
Incorporate All-Season Features.
A well-designed outdoor kitchen is one you can use year-round, in all types of weather. Incorporating features such as a pergola for shading or a shed roof for rainy days can expand the use of your outdoor kitchens to days when the weather is less-than-perfect. Adding an outdoor fireplace can make outdoor cooking and seating comfortable and beautiful while snow is on the ground.
Lighting Gradients.
Your outdoor kitchen should have bright task lighting above and near the cooking area, and softer lighting around the seating. This will ensure you grill that steak perfectly, while your family and guests enjoy conversation by dimmer light. By using proper placement of lighting, you will be sure to create a charming dining experience for the cook and the guests.
Outdoor Kitchen Inspirations
An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to an Atlanta-area home. Not only do you have a grill for Georgia barbecue, but you have the options to bake, sauté or deep fry other foods too.

The concept of the outdoor kitchen is nothing new. Some bazaars in the Roman empire used outdoor cooking from vendors as a way to drum up business. Today, people around the world cook their meals outdoors, and often that goes beyond just using a barbecue grill. Here are a few outdoor kitchen ideas from international aeras. One of these might just be your next source of inspiration!

Tandoor Ovens
A tandoor looks simple at first. This pot-shaped clay oven is used for cooking many of India’s finest dishes like flat breads, tandoori chicken and samosa (a stuffed pastry filled with ground meat, onions and spices). Tandoor ovens generate heat by using charcoal or wood, which exposes the food to radiant heat and live fire. Their “dry cooking” method involves hot air, and can cook as high as 900°F when stoked and maintained, and retain that temperature for an extremely long time. Tandoors are easy to use and clean, and large enough to roast an entire turkey.
Caja china
From Cuba comes another innovative cooker: the caja china. Basically a roasting box on wheels, the caja uses charcoal to cook meats. It is usually large enough to accommodate an entire pig, although it can easily be used for roasts, racks, and ribs. Because the coals are on the top, the meat is cooked from the top down and the results are quite delicious. Cajas are a slower cooking method than a traditional grill, as they don’t call for direct exposure to heat.
The courtyard kitchen
Finally, from the Mediterranean comes the courtyard kitchen. Not as much a single cooking feature as an entire concept, the courtyard kitchen takes advantage of outdoor seating, shaded lighting, and lots of room for your own brick oven to make pizzas or flatbreads. You can add a true Tuscan or Spanish flare to your backyard by incorporating a dining area into your plans for an outdoor kitchen.

Like the tandoor, brick ovens involve live fire and dry heat, so they’re perfect for bakes and roasts. Some brick oven designs even allow for “burners” with removable plates on the top surface for the placement and heating of metal pans. You can simultaneously cook your side dishes and finish your entree, all without going inside.

One of the top benefits with each of these ideas is they use charcoal or wood. You can customize the flavor of your food by using wood chips from a certain type of tree or mesquite. Whichever you decide, you’ll find that cooking outdoors can create dishes that indoor cooking simply cannot duplicate.

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