It’s been said that “reputation is everything.” And here at Oasis Landscape & Irrigation, we know how true that is. So much of our business—and any company’s business—comes through word-of-mouth recommendations. We know that if we perform quality work at reasonable rates, and if people can count on us for following through on what we say we’re going to do, we’re always going to have clients and customers because the word will get out.

Truly, ever since our founding in 1989, we’ve always aimed to be a company of high integrity with a good reputation. And not to brag, but we’ve had our share of accolades over the years, everything from top awards from the Home Services Review and the Atlanta Garden and Patio Show, to being on the Honor Roll with the Georgia Irrigation Association. Now we’re pleased to announce one more honor: We’ve been selected by TrustDale, as the newest recommended provider for landscaping and irrigation services.

TrustDale is a consumer advocacy, business review, and referral company. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, TrustDale is led by six-time, Emmy Award-winning, consumer investigative reporter, Dale Cardwell. The company’s website,, recommends businesses to consumers in various categories, everything from landscaping and tree removal, to plumbing, roofing and accounting work. In addition to the website, the company also has regular programming on TrustDale Radio (on Talk Radio WGST 640 in Atlanta) and TrustDale TV, which broadcasts in multiple markets.

The TrustDale Certification Process

Certainly, becoming “TrustDale-certified” is no small accomplishment. The certification process requires prospective businesses to pass Dale Cardwell’s stringent 7-point investigative review of reputation, price, quality, and customer service. This included a thorough personal interview with our company owners and representatives, a completed written application, follow-up surveys with our customers, a positive report by TrustDale’s “secret shoppers,” and a public records search of our licensing, credentials and litigation history (to check for any illegal or unprofessional business practices).

To be selected by TrustDale, it was imperative that we were the kind of company that honored the prices we advertised, and that we did not use the old “bait and switch” technique of luring people in with unavailable products and low price tags, to sell them on more expensive products and services.

Our company had to pass the “What would Cardwell do?” test, meaning that to recommend us meant that Dale Cardwell himself would objectively choose our company if and when he needed landscaping and irrigation services.

The final step was acceptance of the TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee, which demonstrates our commitment to practicing the highest standards of customer service. By accepting the terms of this guarantee we promise to strive for extraordinary customer service, to have the best available warranty, and that we will abide by the TrustDALE Make it Right Guarantee. This means that if a customer is dissatisfied with one of our products, a repair, an installation or any kind of service we perform, he or she can take the grievance to TrustDALE and we agree to do whatever TrustDale recommends to make things right.

We’re proud of our TrustDale certification, along with each and every award we receive. Of course, ultimately, we are most grateful for our loyal customers and clients whose repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations have helped strengthen our reputation throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area.

We hope residents and business owners in our community who are looking for landscaping and irrigation services will carefully consider the value of choosing a landscaping contractor who is recognized by TrustDale when making the important decision about which company to hire. TrustDale has done all of the consumer research for you and you can trust them to steer you in the right direction.

Call us today for your free landscaping quote and allow us to show you why we have been selected by Dale Cardwell as the company to call for landscaping design, hardscapes, irrigation installation and repair services in metro Atlanta and surrounding communities.